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Current Projects:

• Michael Schiefel Solo
(voc/electronics) – Solo performance features multilayered loop-based vocal distortions whose style varies between grooves,
soundscapes, counterpoint, and lyric-oriented songs. All performances are live and strictly vocal.
My Home Is My Tent (Traumton, 2010)
Don’t Touch My Animals (ACT, 2006)
Gay (Traumton, 2003)
I Don’t Belong (Traumton, 2001)
Invisible Loop (Traumton, 1997)

• Wood & Steel Trio feat. Michael Schiefel
Hollywood Songbook (Traumton, 2018), release August 31, 2018

• Platypus Trio (cimbalom, cello/ electronics, voc/ electronics) - Jazztrio, original compositions about the history of origins of the Platypus.
Platypus Trio (BMC, 2014), release August 12, 2014

• Jazz Indeed (p, b, dr, sax, voc/electronics) – Contemporary jazz quintet playing mainly original compositions.
Ostkreuz (A-Jazz | NRW, 2011)
Blaue Augen (ACT, 2005)
Who the Moon Is (Traumton, 2000)
Under Water (Traumton, 1997)

• Thaerichen’s Tentett (p, git, b, dr, tp, tb, 3 sax, voc) – 10-person „mini big band“ whose repertoire emphasizes poetry set to music, as well as blending of classical and jazz elements.
An Berliner Kinder (Double Moon, 2012)
Farewell Songs (Traumton, 2009)
Grateful (Minor Records, 2005)
The Thin Edge (Minor Records, 2003)
Lady Moon (Minor Records, 2001)