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"Germany has never seen a singer like Michael Schiefel before."
Sueddeutsche Zeitung, May 2005

"Schiefel is an exceptional vocalist. His incredibly malleable voice rises majestically from his navel to his head. His voice is ironic, laconic, and sounds wonderfully androgynous."
Der Tagesspiegel, January 2006

"Michael Schiefel is one of the few German jazz musicians who possesses a truly original style. He is a gifted solo performer who uses electronics to playfully expand and distort his voice in his a cappella performances. When performing in group formations, the androgynous quality of Schiefel's incredible vocal range helps to diversify and problematize the often macho world of jazz musicians."
Das Jazzbuch (German jazz encyclopedia), 2005

"Among jazz singers, Michael Schiefel has created a genre all his own…. His music reveals both a highly developed sensitivity for the impact of simple sounds, as well as an evident delight in combining them to create sophisticated structures."
Welt am Sonntag, November 2005

"Schiefel knows all about the magical power which lies in his vocal chords. He is an entertainer, although his art would more likely be classified as avant-garde. Someone who is not afraid to make 'serious' music while flirting with the light-hearted muse."
FAZ, Anna-Bianca Krause, 17.7.2000

"Apart from Michael Schiefel, only few master the voice so well that they can create an entire orchestra in their listeners´ ears. Al Jarreau and especially Bobby McFerrin are names that come to mind, but Michael Schiefel is really doing something completely new."
ZDF.MSNBC, 5/2000